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My first novel, HD66: search for a cure or a killer?, is now available on Amazon in paperback and digital format. I wrote the book to combine the dynamic world of startups and the creative freedom of fiction. I chose the genre of murder mystery because the intrigue of crime fits perfectly into the ups and downs of an early stage venture. I was inspired by many of my entrepreneurial friends  who encouraged me, saying things like,  “If only people knew that a startup is high drama!” My book weaves together entrepreneurship, science, healthcare, and social innovation into a new genre that I call “startup mystery.” I hope that you enjoy reading it!


entrepreneurship2I’m all about entrepreneurship, to: support, encourage,  and inspire. I work with entrepreneurs and practice entrepreneurship by focusing on what I call the “five stars:”

  • The entrepreneur
  • The kernel (idea)
  • The business (opportunity, market, customers)
  • Traction and growth
  • The future


logo-for-facebook-300x51Since 2011, I have been giving advice to early-stage entrepreneurs on my NewVenturist blog. My latest effort is to try and condense everything that I think an early-stage entrepreneur should know when starting his/her new venture. Called “Startup Briefs,” the posts will be combined into a short book of less than 50 pages.

Startup Briefs post #12, Intellectual property

IPIt drives me crazy that entrepreneurs don’t know the difference between patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks/service marks. They need to understand those concepts to help protect their invention and company! Here’s a remedy to that.

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Going Deep with Aaron

Going Deep with Aaron

Going Deep With Aaron” podcast, “Babs Carryer teaches entrepreneurship around the world”


Brazil – Guest professor of entrepreneurship for graduate students and faculty at UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), and presentations of “Concept to Commercialization” and “Training Engineers for Commercialization” at the 9th International Symposium for Industrial Engineering (IX Symposio Internacional de Ingenieria Industrial: Actualidad y Nuevas Tendencias)