Carryer Consulting can help you!

Since 1995, as Carryer Consulting, Babs Carryer and her associates have worked with startups in the technology and biomedical spaces. Carryer Consulting helps entrepreneurs to focus on what is important: markets, customers, differentiators and business models. Carryer Consulting has helped companies raise funding, get their first customers, grow, and reach exit.

Carryer Consulting has a proven track record of successful projects, including:

Ascender (formerly Thrill Mill)

Babs is curriculum director for this Start/Build Hub – incubator, co-working space,. and educational programs for entrepreneurs.

Association for University Technology Managers (AUTM)
Babs is working with this industry organization to do entrepreneurship workshops and seminars internationally in countries which want to learn how to encourage entrepreneurship.

Health 2.0 Pittsburgh
Working in collaboration with the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, Babs and the local chapter founders of Health 2.0 are working to stimulate the healthcare information technology industry in Pittsburgh.

VentureWell (formerly National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, NCIIA)
For much of 2013, Babs was Director of Training and Faculty Development at this organization which seeks to promote and support entrepreneurship at US colleges and universities.

Safaba Translation Solutions
Carryer Consulting provided market research and business planning services to this CMU spinout company, which is marketing a SaaS solution for machine translation targeting the $26B US translation market.

MedRespond LLC
Carryer Consulting provided project management services to help this company manage contracts with major pharmaceutical companies that employ MedRespond’s unique system for delivering online information about a particular drug.

Allegheny Singer Research Institute and Idea Foundry
Carryer Consulting provided technology commercialization consulting regarding a series of innovations for cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that were developed at Allegheny General Hospital. and

Sento Corporation, now known as Total Outsourced Systems
Working with partner, Mizrahi Online, Carryer Consulting created business and marketing plans and marketing materials for this public company in the customer support market.

Precision Therapeutics, Inc
Working with partner, Kolbrener, Inc., Carryer Consulting participated in developing a strategic market report that analyzed the current branding and positioning of this company which provides a sensitivity assay for determining the optimal chemotherapy to use on particular cancers.

Steeltown Entertainment Project
Carryer Consulting wrote the initial business plan for this not-for-profit organization which was founded to leverage the vast network of Pittsburgh expatriates who now work in the film and entertainment industry. Steeltown supports and encourages independent film and entertainment projects and programs.

Wright Therapy Products
Working with partner, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, Carryer Consulting created a business plan and strategy around a new medical device product for this company, which is a leader in gradient pumps and pneumatic compression.

Office of Enterprise Development, University of Pittsburgh
Carryer Consulting has provided numerous services to the Office of Enterprise Development, which works with university scientists to successfully commercialize their life sciences inventions. Babs leads the OED’s annual technology commercialization course “From Benchtop to Beside: what every scientist needs to know.”

Staley Capital Advisors
Carryer Consulting worked with this private investment management firm in its mergers and acquisitions area where it matches buyers and sellers of companies.

Allegheny Container
Carryer Consulting developed a novel marketing brochure to support this company’s entry strategy into a new market. The company has since been acquired.

Dawar Technologies
Carryer Consulting created the business plan for this company when it was being acquired by Eagle Ventures and partners. Today, Dawar is a leading provider of user interface products.

Eagle Ventures
Carryer Consulting has created several business plans for this acquisition and funding firm.

Dick Corporation
Carryer Consulting assisted this major construction company on marketing, business development and strategic issues which enabled the company to double its revenues the following year to $1B.

PNC Bank
Carryer Consulting created and led a series of seminars to help PNC personnel from their electronic commerce and other computer departments to develop intrapreneurial ventures utilizing ecommerce and web technologies.

Red Valve Company, Inc
Carryer Consulting created a business plan for this world leader in the valve industry to be acquired.