Babs Carryer is the author of several titles, both non-fiction and fiction. She is an experienced entrepreneur, writer, mentor, teacher, and sailor. She weaves her experiences into an exciting new subgenre: “startup mystery.”

In addition to her published works, Babs has worked on the NewVenturist blog since 2011, in the hopes of sharing lessons learned to early stage entrepreneurs.

On HD66: Search for a Cure or a Killer?

“Everyone wants to write a novel. I know why most don’t – it’s friggin’ difficult! A startup is the perfect setting for a murder mystery. I didn’t know anything about writing a murder mystery, but I learned along the way. Now I hope to turn the book into a series.”

Works by Babs Carryer

NEW FOR 2021! Murder in Anegada: A Brie Prince Nautical Mystery 

HD66: Search for a Cure or a Killer?

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